Getting Unstuck: No More Excuses

Yesterday we discussed one of the main barriers to getting unstuck: making excuses.  Two men guided our discussion: the sick man at Bethesda, and Lot.

In John 5: 1-8, we find the sick man who lay at the pool Bethesda in Jerusalem for 38 years.  In verse 6, Jesus asked him if he wanted to be made well, to which he responded that he had no one to help him to the pool in time for it to heal him.  Jesus told him in verse 8 to rise, take up his mat, and walk.

We often become stuck when we get comfortable on our “mats”.  God wants us to live at a certain level, but we are stuck at the level at which we are comfortable.  We make excuses for not leaving our comfort level.  How is it possible that we become comfortable being stuck?  When you are stuck somewhere long enough, it eventually becomes normal.

You become what you see.

In Genesis 19 we encounter Lot in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Lot insisted that two angels, who had been sent to destroy his city, stay with him instead of sleeping in the street.  While he was hosting them in his home, all of the men in the city came to his house to have their way with the angels.  First, Lot pleaded with them in verse 7, calling them “brethren”.  Then, he offered his virgin daughters to the mob in exchange for the safety of the angels.  What kind of man would call a mob of deviants “brethren” and offer his daughters to them to do with what they wanted?  A man who was so stuck, he did not even know with whom he was associating himself.

Is it possible to be a Christian and still identify with squalor and filth?  When you become comfortable being stuck in an unfavorable situation, you identify with it. When all you see is evil, the evil becomes normalized.  For Satan, whose power is in twisting God’s word, this makes his job easy.  He obscures God’s will for us by calling evil good.  Allowing oneself to become stuck makes it easier for Satan to accomplish this.  All the more important to become unstuck.

Being stuck must become uncomfortable.

Don’t let being comfortable be your downfall.  God was merciful to Lot and allowed him the chance to bring his loved ones out of Sodom before it was destroyed. Lot tried to bring his future sons-in-law, but they were too comfortable. They laughed at him and stayed behind.  We see in verse 16 that even Lot himself had a hard time letting go of his situation. Even faced with the inevitable destruction of his home, he procrastinated and balked at the angels’ instruction to escape to the mountain. He made excuses for why he could not go to the mountain.  God was merciful to him yet again by allowing him to go on to the next town instead of the mountain.

Yet, even after God’s outpouring of mercy on Lot’s family, his wife still could not let go of the past.  She looked back and was transformed into a pillar of salt. She was stuck. Forever.

Being stuck will define you.

As God is delivering you from being stuck, don’t waste your time yearning for the pleasures of the past you are leaving behind.  Like Lot’s wife, you run the risk of being stuck forever.  Instead, yearn for the pleasures to come.  Don’t let the false comforts of being stuck block you from your true blessings.

What excuses are you using to remain stuck?  Have you allowed yourself to become comfortable in a situation you once abhorred? What lies about yourself have you begun to believe?  What will you do to get out?


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