Getting Unstuck: Dig that Well – Pt. 1

Yesterday’s message came from Genesis 26:1-5, 12-22.  These scriptures tell of the story of Isaac.  As Isaac was preparing to leave for Egypt because of the famine, the Lord told him not to go there, but instead dwell in Gerar.  Isaac obeyed God’s command and was very prosperous, reaping “a hundredfold” and possessing lots of flocks and herds.  God blessed Isaac so much that the Philistines became envious of him.

Isaac eventually had to relocate and re-dig the wells from his father, Abraham’s, time.  He dug additional wells in the valley. Verses 20-22 detail the trials he went through in digging wells until he finally found a well he called Rehoboth to commemorate God making room for him.

We believers have wells of our own. Our wells are made up of what sustains our lives.  Some of us are stuck because we have had our wells filled in, like Abraham’s after his death.  God wants us to go back and dig the well again.

Come to the Riverbank next Sunday for Part 2!


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