Marital Bliss or BS? By Seun Fakze (Reblog)

Relationships Do Matter

“Broken glasses sounding like clanging cymbals, high pitched cries for help, ultimately armed robbers attack: those were hurried thoughts yesterday night as I hurriedly put off my light, switch off my phone and lock the doors. In retrospect, those first responses were not enough to wade off armed robbers, if they were the ones in my compound. Few people think clearly when emergent situations arise!

Moments later, I herd co-tenant voices so I steeped out. Under the weight of my foot, we’re broken glasses, apparently from the window panes upstairs. Mustered a few words of prayers as I was just in the same spot some minutes earlier. A little delay, those glades would be directly on my head! Some clusters of people already gathered. So what was the noise all about?

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Remember Relationships Do Matter

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