Tolerance is not necessarily Love.

Hello Saints:happy New Year…Sounding the alarm! The Church must arise, be and remain vigilant!
A trick of the enemy is the handling of the word tolerance. Tolerance isn’t necessarily LOVE especially when one’s core principles and beliefs are in question or jeopardy.

Opinions abound and in every civil disagreements we can conclude with a cordial ‘let’s agree to disagree’…a place of mutual respect. However, my views if different from yours doesn’t make me intolerant.

I love the except by Chris Fabry in the book, The 77 habits of a Highly Ineffective Christians on this topic.

He captured my opinions beautifully; Following TRENDS in today’s culture he said will increase a Christian’s ineffectiveness.

"Tolerance taken to its logical end helps obliterate the fact that there is such a thing as truth and that we are bound to it and not our opinion polls."

"The resolve to be tolerant to the point where you accept everything but your core truths is confusing tolerance with love."

Remember, the society esteems tolerance for everything – except for those that hold to absolutes."

So what are you tolerating to the point of refuting Christ?

And what truths do you subscribe to today?

Jesus is Lord!
Pastor Flo
Why don’t you fellowship with us at The Riverbank – This Sunday at 11am CST.


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