This is WHO YOU ARE. (Friday Meditation)

Thank God it’s Friday.
You are what you do with your wants and what you have. I know many times we want to tell people who we are by our resumes, accomplishments and more but actually people can decipher you easily by observing what you do with what you have and what you want.

Read this verse – Proverbs 21:26 declares "Sinners are always wanting what they don’t have; the God-loyal are always giving what they do have."

As I read this verse, I discovered the following truths –

  1. You confirm who you are by your desires.
  2. Your thinking process and pattern is revealed by what you say, ask for and utter. Indeed words are a give-away.
  3. Your request expose your intentions.
  4. You do not become what you always request and ask for, who you are invariably drives what you request.
  5. So this isn’t about labeling you but really about recognizing you by what you always ask want.
  6. Don’t be surprised that folks now can easily identify you.
  7. A giving attitude, disposition is conscious and an overflow of love.

So now read that verse again and answer this question:

  • "Do you always want what you don’t have or do you always give what you have? Then apply the name tag accordingly. I pray you start to living from the position you have already in Christ and start GIVING. That singular act is the proof of LOVE.

May the grace of God be with your spirits,
Pastor Flo


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