The Riverbank Exchange (Special Sunday Service) – March 17th, 2013

Hello All,

Grace and Peace be with you. I am so excited about this month and personally want to extend a warm invitation to The Exchange this Sunday, March 17th 2013 happening at The Riverbank, Chicago.

What is The Exchange ?
The Riverbank Exchange is a wonderful platform where Guest Ministers can infuse, teach, encourage and uplift The Riverbank family with a special word of faith and power based on God’s word.

Do This –
I want you to come to "The Exchange" with our special guest – Rev Niyi Eboda; bring someone and do spread the ‘word’ to your respective networks. Use the attached flyer, post and share it. Do it right away!

We’ve saved you a seat actually a few seats and I am personally looking forward to seeing you all. God’s Grace be with you always,

Pst Flo

Sr. Pastor – The Riverbank

560 W. Van Buren, Chicago IL 60607


One thought on “The Riverbank Exchange (Special Sunday Service) – March 17th, 2013

  1. Reblogged this on Overhauling Me and commented:
    If you happen to be in the Chicago area and are looking for a fun, engaging, vibrant, and thought-provoking way to spend your St. Patrick’s Day, join me at The Riverbank this Sunday, March 17 for The Riverbank Exchange. I will be there, of course, but if that’s not reason enough (hehe), there will be great discussion and great people! (And I’m not making any promises, but there might even be food! If there’s not food, I will be more than happy to bake you some cookies to make up for it.) So come on! What’s your excuse?

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