April 2013, Week 1 Activities & Events

April 1st

Appreciate your friends & loved ones.
Read Acts chapter 1

April 2nd
Find someone to help today. Sow a seed of kindness.

Read Acts chapter 2

April 3rd

Pray for someone in church and email pray@theriverbank.org with your prayer requests.
Join the Lighthouse (Prayer Conference Line: 1-626-677-3000 Access Code: 453432; 8.00pm CST)
Read Acts chapter 3

April 4th

Be social today – Connect with The Riverbank & Pastor Flo on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
Start here: @theriverbank and @pstflo
Read Acts chapter 4

April 5th
TGIF! Make someone smile.

Read Acts chapter 5

April 6th

Invite someone to the Movie & Dinner today!
Movie: Tyler Perry‘s “TEMPTATIONS”
Showplace Icon Theatre
Venue: 1011 South Delano Court East
Chicago, IL 60605

We are talking about Temptations!
Please don’t tempt me…
Read Acts Chapter 6

April 7th

Get your ‘sunday gear’ on…we’re going to rock the house for God @ The Riverbank. Be a BRINGER!
Bring someone to church!


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