The Holy Spirit and the Spread of the Gospel

Holy Spirit Stained Glass

Holy Spirit Stained Glass (Photo credit: hickory hardscrabble)


The first chapter of Acts recounted Jesus’ ascension into heaven and the promise of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus’ disciples watched Him get taken up into the clouds in verse 9.  They watched in wonder, until two men in white told them that Jesus would return the same way He left (verse 11).  They then set upon the task of replacing Judas (verses 15-26), and preparing to spread Christianity.


Like the apostles, we must carry on the work of spreading the gospel until the return of our Savior.  It is not for us to know the agenda, so to speak.  God has all the Why’s and How’s already worked out.  We must simply trust that God will complete His work through us, and know that our power will come from the Holy Spirit.


In Acts 2, the promise from the first chapter comes to be.  The Holy Spirit fills the apostles, and they speak in the languages of everyone who gathers around them.  From there, Christianity spreads like wildfire.  As you read Acts 2, bear witness to the power of the Holy Spirit.  Think what it must have been like to have God’s promise manifest through His most steadfast believers in such a spectacular way.  The Holy Spirit can use us, too.  We can also speak in “languages” that will attract others to Christ.  It is only a matter of getting to work, opening ourselves up to the Holy Spirit, and letting the gospel spread through us.




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