You’ve Got the Power

Where does true power come from?

What is the relationship between fear and power?

How do you know you have power?

Acts 1:4-8, Jesus explains that power comes from the Holy Spirit, and when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you are able to be a witness to Him.  The kind of power Jesus is talking about here is not the human kind; the type we understand through titles and dollar amounts. This kind of power only comes from the Holy Spirit.

Luke, the author of Acts, was describing the creation and growth of the Christian church. Starting with the disciples and how they came to be witnesses that would then win hearts for Christ, he discussed how they were filled with power to such a degree that onlookers thought they were drunk (Acts 2:12-13).

They were not always that way, though.  In John 20:19, they were fearful of the Jews, until Jesus appeared before them and told them to have peace. They needed to have peace in order to receive power through the Holy Spirit (John 20:21-22).  The opposite of fear, in this case, is peace.

The power to witness and stand as a Christian, comes from the Holy Spirit working through us; it is not of our own power.  It stands to reason, then, that if we want power, we have to wait on the Holy Spirit as the disciples did in those early and uncertain days.  The uncertainty, though, is ours.  Once we have the Holy Spirit, we should be so confident, feel so powerful, that we seem like different people–kind of the way alcohol makes one seem like a different person.

You will need the confidence, because once you have been convinced, you will be tested.  The way you come through the test will guide your witness.  The disciples were tested, and the church grew as a result of how they passed the tests with flying colors.  They could not have passed, though, without the Holy Spirit.

And so it is that when we pray to God to work through us, we should not pray for the spectacular, but the supernatural. It is the supernatural working in you that will bring true  power.


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