Prophets: Mere Men, Ordinary Men who served The Extra-Ordinary, Great God – Summer Time Devotional

Prophets provide snapshots of God’s ultimate plan and what can be done with our frail humanity.

Do you know that God does the impossible with the least qualified or capable? Whenever mere man(kind) surrenders his or her own will to God; amazing things happen.

Prophets provide a rich historical account and context that enriches our faith for by their actions, passions and assignments we are challenged to go far in our faith sojourn. Obviously, for many these characters are often ignored, misunderstood or relegated to mere footnotes. In my study, these characters are like ‘treasures’ to be hunted for, discovered and relished. So join me on this 90 days summer adventure and let’s see these ordinary men and women who served our "Extra-Ordinary" God.

Week 1’s daily readings –

  • July 1st: 1 Sam 1 – 3
  • July 2nd: 1 Sam 4 – 6
  • July 3rd: 1 Sam 7 -9
  • July 4th: 1 Sam 10 – 12
  • July 5th: 1 Sam 13 – 15
  • July 6th: 1 Sam 16 – 18
  • July 7th: 1 Sam 19 – 21

Feel free to listen to these daily bible verses online as well: Click here >Audio Bible
Follow: @theriverbank for tweets on scriptural verses (random) during the day.
Post tweets as well on scriptures add @theriverbank and use hashtag #prophets

Visit the TRB website:
or the Facebook page: for meditations/insights/inspirational summaries as well. It’s going to fun!

Bonus: Everyone that completes these daily readings will be qualified (entered into a special drawing) for awesome gifts that will announced and presented in October.

You can do this, We can all do it. So let’s do it.

Remain planted,
Pastor Flo
The Riverbank


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