It’s time to DISCOVER!

Your special invitation to "DISCOVERY"
Tuesdays from 7-8pm CST @ The Riverbank Center, 560 W. Van Buren, Chicago IL 60607.

I trust this invitation meets you in excellent spirits. We are already in the 2nd week of this new month and I remain confident that the promises of God for you will be a reality in Jesus Name, Amen.
Hope you received the month’s newsletter, if not click here:
VISION – (September 2013 Newsletter)

DISCOVERY is The Riverbank’s special midweek service that is tailored ideally for everyone on their faith journey. Discovery, like everything new could be intimidating but it shouldn’t be, rather it is exciting. So here are a few thing
s you should do or be aware of as you prepare for DISCOVERY tomorrow.

You will need 3 things:

  • You
  • A Bible
  • An Inquisitive Mind and a few questions.

Other stuff that you should know include:

  • Par king is Free
    but if you reside in the suburb consider
    the METRA train into
    downtown, the final stop
    , Union Station is less than a block away from The Riverbank Center.
  • If you reside on the North, South or Downtown area,


    the CTA which is a good alternative without traffic constraints (take
    the BLUE line downtown
    off at the Clinton Street Station

    , The Riverbank Center
    is less than a block away.

  • If you have any additional questions, of concerns, call the church office – 312-602-2792

You Should Know :

  • Expect God to work .
  • Plan to be
    in the discussion as applicable.
  • Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself .

will be expecting you.

Pastor Flo


, The Riverbank Church
W. 312.602.2792


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