Vision Sunday (September 15th, 2013)

Family & Friends,
This Sunday, September 15th I will speaking on the Vision that God placed in my heart more than 7 years ago called The Riverbank. It has been a journey (VISION) filled with many tales, good and bad but through it all God has and continues to be glorified. Our God is indeed awesome!!

On Sunday (September 15th), you will learn, discover, observe, absorb and comprehend the power of VISION, which is a clear demonstration of God’s benevolence and intention upon the earth for Vision is more than a desire or a dream, it is designed for Generations and within the vision are ‘lives’ and people. We have been studying the book of the Prophets, one of the prophets said, “write the VISION down, make it plain…so that whoever reads it runs.”

Come hear what has been written down so you can RUN or continue to RUN.
I look forward to seeing you at “VISION SUNDAY” @ The Riverbank, 560 W. Van Buren, Chicago
from 11.00am CST.

Call 312-602-2792 if you have any questions or concerns.
God’s grace be with your spirits,



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