Have you ever wanted something, or wanted to do something, and you prayed and prayed about it, but it didn’t come the way you thought it would?  Have you ever thought you had defined your purpose, only to find out that the definition wasn’t exactly up to you?  “Purpose” is defined in Merriam-Webster as “the reason why something is done or used: the aim or intention of something” or “the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something” or “the aim or goal of a person: what a person is trying to do, become, etc.”  These definitions all have in common the potential of achievement.  As in, something that maybe should happen, or that a person wants to happen, but hasn’t happened yet.

What does that mean for you?  Well, you could be trucking along on what you think is your purpose, just knowing it is going to happen, and trusting in God to make it happen…when the reality is that God has already designed and seen your destination.  And maybe the path you’re on isn’t what is going to take you there.  So He closes that door.  And you are just sitting there, wondering why God isn’t answering your prayer.


He’s already answered your prayer, though.  Just not in the way you think it should be answered.  But who are you to tell God how He should answer your prayer?  He’s the one who created you, after all.  Shouldn’t He know better than you what He created you for?

Much is made about how your passion, gifts, and interest inform your purpose.  Your passion and your gifts certainly factor in to your purpose, but God gave you those things so that you can fulfill the destiny He set forth for you.  Trying to use them to fulfill your own idea of your purpose is like trying to build an entertainment center out of dinner table pieces.  Even if you manage to get it to work, it just won’t look right.

So the next time God closes a door, remember that He is the one who built the house.  He knows where the doors lead.




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