#40Days (Journey through the Gospel)

As we start a new week, I want to encourage you to keep at it. Today is DAY 13, amazing!
Lent is one of the few traditions that encourages the habits of prayer, fasting and studying of God’s word and I am glad we are taking the time as a family to do this together.
The benefits are literally SUPERNATURAL.

It is so easy to live off, what we’ve heard and never personally see or know Jesus.
Looking onto Jesus comes to mind here and I know that reading through the gospels provides that opportunity literally.

Once again the emphasis during Lent should be on the following –

  1. RENEWAL (FOCUS) in prayers, lifestyle, confession and actions.
  3. METICULOUS STUDY (RESEARCH) of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ from the Gospels.

As I am also reading my daily verses, I am capturing my thoughts on my blog, which can be accessed via these options –

  1. http://theriverbank.org/pastors-blog/
  2. Directly here: 40 Days Lent Journey
  3. Or via www.relationshipsdomatter.com (click on the #40Days link) on the homepage or the image below.


Devotional Reading:

Monday, March 17th Day 13 Matthew 11, Mark 11, Luke 11
March 18th Day 14 Matthew 12, Mark 12, Luke 12
March 19th Day 15 Matthew 13, Mark 13, Luke 13
March 20th Day 16 Matthew 14, Luke 14
March 21st Day 17 Matthew 15, Luke 15
March 22nd Day 18 Matthew 16, Luke 16
March 23rd Catch up/Reflection day
Monday, March 24th Day 19 Matthew 17, Luke 17
March 25th Day 20 Matthew 18, Luke 18
March 26th Day 21 Matthew 19, Luke 19
March 27th Day 22 Matthew 20, Luke 20
March 28th Day 23 Matthew 21, Luke 21
March 29th Day 24 Matthew 22, 23

Don’t forget your confession –

Lent Confession: May the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart be acceptable in their sight O Lord:
1. I am ordained and supernaturally favored and my life will be filled with diverse signs and wonders.
2. Impossibilities will NOW become possible in Jesus Name, Amen.
3. I will break forth into NEW THINGS; break away from BAD THINGS and the GLORY OF THE LORD will arise upon me.
4. In my home, my life, my extensions, my career, calling, business, family, children, future, dreams, there shall be amazing manifestations of the supernatural God.
5. Peace, Joy, Hope, Abundance, financial strength, expansion and power will be my lot continually.
6. The voice of the Lord will be heard over me causing stability, hope, mercy now and forever more in Jesus Name, Amen.

God bless you,
#40 Days


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