It’s a new month!

Rest Welcome to a new month, the 8th one called August!

  • I boldly declare that it will be a month filled with bigger, better and certainly greater things. 
  • I pray that peace and tranquility will be the officers and keepers over our lands. 
  • I pray wholeness, healing and health will be our testimony.
  • I declare restoration for all that have been afflicted-emotionally, financially, physically, mentally spiritually and much more.
  • I declare wars and the rumors of war and destruction will cease.
  • I declare that mouths will be filled with laughter.
  • I declare that purpose will taste good as each person finds and begin to “work and walk” in their purpose, their reason for being. I declare favor, grace and goodness will stabilize you in August, Amen.

Go on, I challenge you to tell someone, “this is my month for greater and better things”, because I am finally embracing #purpose. Tell them now!!! 

God be with you,